We have a slowly-growing list of questions for those visiting Tkaronto (Toronto), if you don’t see yours answered below, send us an email at orga@ournetworks.ca.

I am traveling from out of town, how can I stay in Toronto affordably? (a.k.a. What are community billets?)

We have arranged a limited number of spots with people based in Toronto for those looking for a place to stay. Billeting is a way of supporting participants to attend within their budget and at the same time, welcome them into our community. If you indicated you were interested in hosting or staying in a community billet we will be contacting you. In the meantime, check out the community billets list or email billets@ournetworks.ca and we’ll help coordinate!

What is the best way to get around Toronto?

Toronto in July is easily navigable by bike (Bike Share Toronto as a popular rental option), using public transportation (TTC), and on foot around the event venues.

Are the venues accessible?

We are committed to reducing barriers to access throughout the event. All spaces—for Kickoff Yami-ichi, Conference, and Sprints—have elevator access and accessible washrooms.

I want to make this even even better, how can I help?

Awesome! First, consider tabling at our Yami-ichi or pitching a project for our Sprints. If those don’t appeal we’d love to have weekend volunteers, email us at orga@ournetworks.ca!