$20-$100 sliding scale, registration details below

9:30 am 6:30 pm

Mozilla Community Space, Suite 500, 366 Adelaide Street West

What kinds of creative and critical engagement with technology practices can enable meaningful change when we do it with others?

Our theme focuses on how we Do It With Others (DIWO) as we build new network infrastructures and draws on the distributed campaign for emancipatory, networked art practices, instigated by UK-based Furtherfield (2006) as a response to the Do It Yourself (DIY) movement. We have seen a growing number of peer-to-peer, inclusive, and privacy-respecting projects mobilizing in favour of resilient, accessible, equitable communications over the internet in 2017. And yet many open questions remain. In the face of threats to the open internet, which tools and tactics will help us recognize the opportunities and challenges of this moment?

Program Highlights

We have a full schedule of sessions, you can expect:

  • Talks on how to change the internet, whether through new forms of distributed data stewardship, migrating to peer-to-peer implementations, or by studying tactics used by existing protocols
  • Discussions about transitioning to decentralized projects and imagining what alternatives we want
  • Hands-on workshops to strategize outreach and organizing tactics at the local level

Check out the full conference program!


We have three admission types: Organization Supporter, Supporter, and Reduced Cost. The cost for us to host this event is $57 per person. Your support at or above that price allows us to offer reduced cost admissions and use sponsorship money elsewhere.

If it is difficult to attend even at a reduced cost, please contact us at orga@ournetworks.ca. We are able to offer a limited number of scholarships and also need volunteers to help out at the event in return for complimentary admission.

Admission Level Price Details
Organization Supporter $100 + fees Consider registering as organization supporter if your org is paying or your registration can be reimbursed. This allows us to offer reduced cost admissions and scholarships.
Supporter $50 + fees Consider registering as a supporter to allow us to put sponsorship money toward our other operating costs.
Reduced Cost $20 + fees For those who are unwaged, a student, or otherwise in need of a reduced cost registration.

We have swag you can purchase during registration which will also be sold at the event.

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